+ How do I meet people on Challengr?

Meeting people is easy, just find their Challenge and respond! Once they like your Response, you are a match, and can now start talking to eachother.

You can also flip the script and create your own Challenges. Once you create a Challenge, you can sit back and relax as Responses come flowing in. If you don't like the Response, no big deal, you won't see it again. If you like the response, then same as before, you can start messaging!

+ Can I hide a Challenge I’m not interested in?

Yes! Just tap on the small ‘X’ icon on the top right of the Challenge card and we will remove it from your discovered list.

I don’t have time to respond now, but can I save a Challenge and respond to it later? Yes! If you tap on the bookmark logo on the top right of the Challenge card we will add that Challenge to your saved list which you can always come back to later.

+ How do I activate Premium?

Simply go to your profile and tap the ‘Go Premium’ button beneath your profile photos.

Featured Challenges are special events happening from time to time in your area. With the Featured Challenges, you can go meet people in person. Each featured Challenge is different so tap on one to find out more!

+ Who will be able to view or find my challenges?

Your Challenges are only visible to people who fit your ‘Preferences’ (age / location / gender / relationship vs friendship). Remember that the only way you can be discovered on Challengr is through your Challenges, so don’t forget to create some!

+ What will people see when they view my profile?

Nope, the only notifications we send are when you respond to someone’s Challenge, if they like your Response, and if you receive a direct message from another user. We won’t bother you with any other notifications, so if you get a notification – it’s important.

+ What does a boost do?

Boosting is a premium feature that allows you to surface your Challenge to the top of the discover list for people who match your ‘Preferences’. There are variety of factors that go into determining where your Challenge appears on the list but one recommendation we can make is to open the Challengr app at least once a week.

+ What happens to my Challenges once I've created them?

Your Challenge is how you get discovered on Challengr. If you don’t make a Challenge, the only people who can tell you are on the app are the ones whose Challenges you’ve responded to.

Once you create a Challenge, we put it out there for people who match your preferences so they can Respond. Be sure to make Challenges that are fun to do and give a bit of insight into your personality for the most Responses.

+ How do I see responses I've received to my challenges?

Once you receive responses to your Challenges, we will send you a notification which you can tap to take you directly to the Challenge, so make sure you keep push notifications turned on.

If you miss the notification, no big deal, just go to your profile and tap on your Challenge (it will have an unread notification on it) which will bring you to the like/dislike mode for Responses.

+ Am I going to receive inappropriate content since photo and video responses are allowed?

No inappropriate content! We employ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to look at every single image and video sent on Challengr. If the content contains anything that includes private parts we will filter it out before it gets to you. In the unlikely event we miss something, simply report the content and we will get rid of it immediately.

+ Where can I find challenges I've already responded to?

You can review all of your Responses on your profile. Tapping on a Response will bring you to the Challenge (and person) you responded to.

+ How do I create a Challenge?

You can create a Challenge right from the main landing page by tapping the floating action button with the Lightning bolt and ‘+’ sign.

+ How many Challenges can I post or respond to with a basic Challengr account?

You can create up to 5 Challenges before needing Challengr Premium. There is no limit to the number of Responses you can receive to your Challenges. You are also limited to responding to 3 Challenges a day without Premium.

Challengr Premium removes all of these limits.

+ Can I find someone specific on the app?

You can’t search for people, but you can search for Challenges. Are you a rock climber? Then search for ‘climbing’. Do you love to cook? try searching for ‘food’.

+ What happens to responses to my challenges that I've disliked?

Not into the Response to your Challenge? No hard feelings, we will just remove it from your list of Responses so you can focus on the ones you like. We don’t notify the person who created that Responses that you’ve done that so no hard feelings!

If you sign up for Challengr Premium, you can ‘undo’ disliking a response by tapping the ‘Show Dislikes’ button at the top of your Challenge page.

+ What does premium get me?

Check out all the premium features here: https://www.challengr.app/premium

+ Is the app free?

Absolutely! Challengr is completely free to get started and use regularly. We have some premium features that remove the banner ads in the app as well as grant you some special features. You can check out all the things Challengr Premium offers you here: https://www.challengr.app/premium

+ Is responding to Challenges hard?

Not at all! There are a lot of Challenges that are simple questions that accept text as a response. Answering Challenges is actually a lot easier than having to come up with some clever pick up line or ice breaker. Wouldn’t you rather answer ‘What was the last book you read’ instead of answering a 100 question survey?

+ How do I filter the feed for challenges I'm actually interested in?

We put a search bar at the top of the main Discover feed of Challenges. Feel free to use this to filter down to topics you are interested in. Be sure to include hashtags in Challenges you create so that your Challenges also show up when people who match your ‘Preferences’ search for you.

+ How do I get the best results for challenges I've posted?

Challenges that are specific, fun, unique, and give a hint at how to connect with you tend to receive the most Responses. ‘Hello I am looking for a girlfriend’ is NOT a good Challenge and won’t likely receive Responses. ‘Show me a picture of your last camp site’ would be a great Challenge if you wanted to meet someone who is loves nature and getting outdoors. It can also a great idea for a date!

+ How do I match with someone?

Matches happen when a Response to a Challenge is ‘liked’.

If you have made your own Challenges, when you review the responses, when you tap the ‘heart’ button, you instantly become a match and both of you can now message each other.

If you are the one who has responded to someone else’s Challenge, once they ‘like’ your Response, we will send you a notification, and you can then send them a message!

+ What can I see about someone on their profile?

When you open up someone’s profile, you can see their profile photos, Challenges they’ve created, and whatever Responses they have posted that they also marked as public. Some people also chose to add a brief bio blurb on their profile that you can see!

Challengr also allows you to choose if you are interested in finding a relationship or just some new friends, this preference is also visible on the profile page.

+ Can people search for me in the app? Can I remain anonymous?

No one can search for you specifically! You are only discoverable by the Challenges you create. If you wanted to maximize your stealth-y-ness, you could not create any Challenges and just Respond to Challenges you are interested in. If you did this, the ONLY people who would know you are on Challengr are the people you responded to.