Create Challenges

Challenges are simple text based thoughts, questions, dares, that you think your best match would have fun doing / be uniquely capable of completing.  You can be as discerning as you want with your Challenge from ‘race in the ironman’ to a simple ‘sing a line from any Disney song’.

The easier your challenge is the more responses you will get, the harder you make it, the more specific a type of person you will get.  This is the most passive way to use Challengr, just create a response, and sit back and wait for them to respond to you



Not just for dating, find some friends!

Yes, Challengr is a great tool to find your next date while filtering out the noise. But those principles still apply to those of you who are just looking to meet new people in the area.

Need another player for your kickball or softball league or some more people for game night? Then get out there and create some Challenges to ‘try out’ your new friends! Just select that you are ‘looking for friends’ when you sign up or when editing your preferences and you will be presented with the friendly face of Challengr.



Answer Challenges

Not ready to make your own Challenge yet? Browse through the Challenges in your area and find something that resonates with you. With tons of Challenges created every day, you will always find something that speaks to you.



Personality first, but you can still look 😉

Challenges give you a peek into the personality of your potential match, but we get it, you want to see the person before responding. That is why we make it easy to blast through their profile photos right from the main Challenge screen.

Simply tap away to cycle through their images and long-press when you are ready to take the Challenge!



Review Responses

After you start getting responses to your Challenges, now the fun really begins.  Browse through the responses and either ‘love’ or ‘dismiss’ the responses.  If you ‘love’ them, you both instantly become a ‘match’ and can start direct messaging each other. 

If you don’t think the response is good enough, just dismiss it and you wont see it again, don’t worry, we won’t tell them you dismissed it, so no hard feelings.



Direct Message

Your inbox will only contain matches you want, so no more sifting through thousands of ‘hey there’ messages that you will never respond to.  So no more wasted time.



Have a niche? Search for it!

If just scrolling through a list of Challenges isn’t specific enough for you, use the search bar to specifically find challenges from people who share your interests.  Are you only looking for someone who loves the beach and surfs? Just search for beachbum and respond to the Challenge asking for a shot of you hanging 10. (1).gif

7100840_0058 copy.jpg


We think having fun dating must come with safety. We will never tell others where you are and only use your location to get a general area so we can serve you relevant Challenges. We also use AI to look through every image and video before you see it to make sure you don’t get harassed with any inappropriate content.

You can safely and discretely report and block any user, challenge or response and we will make sure you never see it again, and if it’s a pattern, we will remove them entirely from the platform.