A revolutionary online dating concept

To get started, all you need to do is create “Challenges” that the others can respond to. This filters out low-effort messages that never lead up to dates while helping you find a great match for even the most narrow or niche interests. To protect your privacy, direct communication is allowed only after you’ve liked the Response posted to you Challenge.


Find Challenges

Upon joining Challengr, you can view the current batch of Challenges from people matching your preference criteria (age, gender and location radius). Brows Challenges and respond to the most exciting ones, or preview the Challengr profile and check out their photos and videos.  

Responding to a Challenge is easy: just tap on the screen and upload or record your response.

The batch of Challenges is updated in real-time so stay tuned in order not to miss out on any new Challenges.

Filter the noise

Challengr prevents random conversations through Direct Message. Rather, the only way to message somebody is after they have liked your Response to their Challenge. This weeds out low-effort, low-investment opening lines and bland pick-up lines in favor of carefully crafted, personalized messages.



Liking a Response

Once you have created a Challenge, all Responses it receives will appear directly below it. Only you can see who responded. When you’re ready to find your great match, you can review the Responses and start Liking or Dismissing them with a tap on the screen.

Liking a Response opens up the Direct Message feature directly from the window. The Responder will also receive a notification, inviting them to send you a message.



Dismissing a Response

Not loving it? Challengr’s aim is to filter out low-effort responses but also to connect like-minded people. If you deem a Response just not good enough, you can press the dismiss button and remove it from the list.

Don’t worry, we won’t message the responder you did this, so no hurt feelings!